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Over the years our expertise and experience in the supply chain industry in line with customer requirements has made both local and oversea procurements a dependable product. We have provided wide range of modern machine tools, oilfield equipment, pumps, compressors, valves etc to our customers.

At ZLSL we understand the challenges that come with any kind of house, plant or office relocation. Our main aim is to ensure that your relocation experience is stress free and this is made possible by our fleet of trucks, trailers and modern equipments. We also embark on scrapping and disposal of materials through recognized industry processes and certification.



We have been providing reliable haulage and trucking services to our customers. We offer wide range of haulage and trucking services at competitive rates to any destination within the country. We offer cranes, mud tankers, fuel and diesel tankers to support the operations of our customers.

We rent, hire and provide operating leasing in the following business assets:

  •  Plant and Machinery
  •  Business Cars
  • Agriculture Equipments
  • Hotel Equipments
  • Office Equipments

ZLSL is a strong player in both Air and Sea Freight services. We are affiliated to various global Freight Networks to provide on-time seamless services.

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